Total Visibility Through Technology

Yes, we have a work order management system. We’d like to think that it’s better than everyone else’s. It probably is, but the truth is that it doesn’t matter how many bells and whistles our systems have if they cannot integrate with our customers’ systems. 

See, our technology was built specifically to address our customers’ needs, including using their existing work order management systems, providing on-demand visibility, and organizing data to help drive efficiency and smart decision making. 

We never stop improving.

Systems that add value, not cost

Remember when you used to have to pay for the number of minutes you used on your cell phone?  It seems silly now, when technology has advanced so far. In the same manner, we believe that today’s facilities management does not exist separately from the technology we use to manage it. For this reason, our customers enjoy the benefits of our systems at no additional cost. Success is found easiest when the right tools are in place.  Should you really have to pay on a per invoice or per work order basis? 

Built alongside our Customers

If your company had the band-width to develop software and applications just for your FM team, we believe that you’d arrive at something pretty close to what Divisions had developed. Why? Because it was our customers who guided the evolution of each tool we offer. We enroll our customers in testing our newest products, and integrate their feedback prior to release.  Every tool Divisions offers has been made for FM by FM. 

End-to-end Transparency

Our systems have been built to drive visibility, affording our customers total transparency into the completion of services. Because we utilize mobile technology to connect our staff, our Providers and our Customers, each party can see work status in real-time, at all times. We believe that this is critical to holding all parties accountable and fostering an atmosphere of trust. By design, nothing is hidden from view, from first request to final invoice.